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Romney barely wins Ohio as candidates sharpen attacks on Obama energy policies

Mitt Romney captured a tenuous primary victory in Ohio last night while collecting wins in five other states and extending his delegate lead amid searing attacks on President Obama's energy policies. The former Massachusetts governor overcame strong support among conservative Ohio Republicans for Rick Santorum, who led for much of the night before finishing about 12,000 votes behind Romney. Santorum, nonetheless, emerged from Super Tuesday with wins in North Dakota, Oklahoma and Tennessee -- a prize bag that promises to extend the nominating battle deeper into spring.


'Net zero' energy buildings are taking hold in the U.S.

A weak economy and rising energy prices have led to a buzz over building efficiency. Light bulb regulations, LEED and Energy Star ratings for homes and appliances, stricter construction codes, and government incentives are all parts of a national effort to cut energy waste in the building sector. Nearly 40 percent of the nation's energy is consumed by homes and commercial buildings, which means that making them more efficient would not only save money but also drastically reduce carbon emissions. So a handful of builders are taking the idea one step further: Why construct a building that uses less energy when we can make one that uses no energy at all?


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