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Heartland's billboard signaled, to some, a time to leave

Eli Lehrer had a sinking feeling when he learned that headquarters at the Heartland Institute was launching a razor-sharp billboard campaign denigrating the evidence of climate change. Things had already been tricky for Lehrer, whose corporate sponsors for Heartland's Center on Finance, Insurance and Real Estate had begun to express concern in February at being associated with the think tank's controversial climate views. So when Lehrer, a Heartland vice president based in Washington, learned that a giant likeness of Unabomber Ted Kaczynski would peer down at motorists on a busy Chicago highway from an electronic billboard, insulting climate advocates, he tried to stop it.


China's wind turbine companies build a market in Brazil

Less than 10 years ago, nobody would have imagined that China's share of the world's wind turbine market would be in the top five. Nor would they have thought that Brazil might be a place wind power companies would fight over. Yet the day for both has arrived, more quickly than many in the industry expected.


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