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Charger standards fight confuses electric vehicle buyers, puts car company investments at risk

An emerging clash between electric vehicle quick-chargers is the auto industry's rerun of the VHS versus Betamax videotape battle. Both the Japanese-developed CHAdeMO standard and the Society of Automotive Engineers' International J1772 Combo standard are direct-current quick-charging systems designed to charge the battery of an electric vehicle to 80 percent in about 20 minutes. But, like the videotapes, these two systems are designed to be completely incompatible.


Trapped in the oven of an extended heat wave, England calculates the damage

LONDON -- In the Great Fire of 1666, a fire that began in a bakery and rapidly tore through a city of wooden buildings in overpopulated slums with open sewers flowing in the streets, it was easy to count the casualties: Four noblemen died. As for the 30,000 people who lived in the tenements that burned, no one kept track. The eventual solution was memorialized in "London's Burning," a song of the day: "Pour on water, more water!"


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