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France's 'City of Light' to turn some off; retailers see a 'political gesture'

LONDON -- Paris, famed for almost two centuries as the "City of Light," plans to turn some off to restore sleep patterns, reduce energy consumption and cut carbon emissions. But the shopkeepers whose stylishly dressed and illuminated windows help give the city its name and some of its attraction will now be forced to switch their lights off in the middle of the night. They are less than impressed.

2. EPA:

McCarthy's New England roots show as she pushes states on climate, air issues

If one wants an indication where U.S. EPA Assistant Administrator Gina McCarthy's priorities lie as a public servant, he or she needs only to look at the beginning of her resume. McCarthy, who heads EPA's Office of Air and Radiation and is widely rumored to be nominated as EPA administrator in the next week, started her career as a public health agent in her hometown of Canton, Mass., working for the local board of health in nearby Stoughton.


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