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Marines are molding energy savings along with young troops

SAN DIEGO -- Richard Hatcher is devoted to saving energy, but there are some things he refuses to do to save kilowatts -- like changing the strict training regimen to teach young Marines how to survive in the toughest of circumstances. Nevertheless, in his three years as energy manager, Hatcher has turned the energy profile of the depot around.


Gov. Brown diverts Calif. cap-and-trade money again, to cheers rather than jeers

Last year, California environmental groups howled when Gov. Jerry Brown (D) diverted half a billion dollars from the auction of carbon dioxide permits to bolster the state's financial reserves. The news this week that Brown wants to keep the lion's share of the money for at least another year was met with muted criticism, however, as environmentalists were lured by another piece of news: $600 million of cap-and-trade money would go for renewable energy, energy efficiency and other carbon-cutting programs.


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