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Anti-grazing group fights to keep guerilla vibe after court wins, leadership change

IDAHO FALLS, Idaho -- The Western Watersheds Project started its fight against grazing on public lands in 1993 by brandishing briefcases stuffed with cash at public hearings on lease sales. But the nonprofit has taken its public relations campaign against politically wired ranchers to the courts, becoming one of the country's most litigious environmental groups. The group has scored big legal victories that have forced significant changes in how federal and state agencies manage grazing permits. And it's made plenty of enemies.


Russia's power grid, held together with spit and grit

MOSCOW -- In big Russian cities like Moscow or St. Petersburg, 30 percent of applications to connect to the electric grid are denied because the system of distribution wires hasn't been upgraded in decades, according to one energy expert. That is just one dispatch from the strange, retro world of the Russian power grid. Operating without much new investment since the heyday of the Soviet Union, it is showing its age.


'Godfather of greening' writes game plan for big-time sports

NEW YORK -- Battle-hardened environmentalist Allen Hershkowitz has done just about everything in green activism. In his 26-year run as senior scientist at the Natural Resources Defense Council, he was known for brash, large-scale endeavors, but he also fought in the trenches for core environmental policy. Hershkowitz has handled imaging for the Oscars broadcast, the Grammy Awards, DuPont Corp., Coca-Cola and the Clinton administration -- to cite just a few -- and he also spearheaded old-fashioned fights over solid waste, recycling and deforestation. But his new mission may trump them all in the potential to reach a mainstream audience.

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