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Former Waxman aide vying to succeed Calif. climate luminary

Henry Stern was just a teenager when he met his mentor and future boss, state Sen. Fran Pavley (D), in his parents' living room. Pavley, who was running for the California State Assembly at the time, recalls Stern as "one of those high school kids that were just as interested in what adults had to say, as opposed to fleeing to their room and watching television." Fast-forward a decade and a half, and Pavley is getting ready to retire from state politics with a string of major legislative victories on climate change and the environment. Stern, now 34 and Pavley's senior adviser, is running to replace her.


Renewable energy funds face budget's hatchet

FAIRBANKS, Alaska -- The Native village of Igiugig, population 69, historically has been known for its bountiful sockeye salmon runs from Bristol Bay up the Kvichak River. So when residents heard about the village's plans to harness the river's hydropower energy, many were worried. Still, village leaders allowed the Ocean Renewable Power Co. to test its RivGen submersible hydropower system in the southwestern Alaska river. The results were impressive: The RivGen unit was able to provide one-third of the community's electrical load and avoided harm to sockeye salmon. Now Igiugig hopes to become the site of Alaska's first commercial hydrokinetic facility. However, the two Alaska grant programs that helped ORPC advance its hydropower technology face a far gloomier future.


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