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ClimateWire is designed to bring readers unmatched coverage of the debate over climate policy and its effects on business, the environment and society.

Climate issues have become so pervasive, and our clients' interest in climate change has become so intense, that developing ClimateWire became an inevitable means to expand and enhance E&E's already top-tier coverage of this critical issue area.

ClimateWire covers in-depth every day the key issues that surround the debate over climate change, including:

  • Federal agency programs, legislation, policies and funding;
  • State program development and implementation;
  • Kyoto implementation;
  • Post-Kyoto negotiations and nation-state positioning;
  • International agency activities;
  • Carbon market development;
  • Alternative energy research and deployment;
  • Financial community investment decisions;
  • Corporate/multi-national response to climate concerns;
  • Positions and lobbying by stakeholder groups;
  • Consequences and lessons learned from GHG-reduction efforts;
  • Latest science research and technology developments;
  • Effects on water resources, species, ecosystems and agriculture;
  • Trends and effects for traditional and non-traditional fossil fuel resources;
  • Consequences for electric utilities;
  • Economic effects;
  • Costs to consumers;
  • and much, much more.

Climate change is like no other issue, and E&E has assembled a top-flight team to ensure that ClimateWire delivers the insightful, global, thought-leading and news-breaking coverage that is invaluable to our market -- the people who make, influence or will be affected by climate policy.

ClimateWire is led by veteran Wall Street Journal reporter John Fialka, and the reporting crew includes additions to our team from award-winning writers who worked at the Houston Chronicle, Denver Post and LA Daily News. ClimateWire also serves up compelling content from our bureaus in New York and California and from our highly talented newsroom at our Capitol Hill headquarters.

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