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Environment & Energy Daily (E&E Daily) is the leading source of information for people who track environmental and energy action in Congress. From clean air legislation to public lands policy, E&E Daily brings readers the most comprehensive, objective, original coverage of Congress.

With dozens of experienced reporters on the Hill following environmental and energy action, we put things in full political context. We stake out the leadership. We talk one-on-one with key senators, representatives and their staffs. We talk with the lawyers, industry lobbyists and environmental advocates trying to shape the legislation. And we talk with key staffers on the Hill, at the White House and in the agencies about what's really happening behind closed doors.

What you get is more -- and better -- information that makes you more effective.

If you need to know how Congress will fund or change environmental and energy programs -- or influence administration policy -- there is no comparable source of information.

E&E Daily is published daily except during extended congressional recesses. Each day's edition is posted on our Web site by 9 a.m. EST. E-mail "alerts" are sent to readers when each issue is ready and also when there is major breaking news.

The Monday edition is designed to let you know what is on tap that week with an extensive preview of all the pending action, from floor votes to committee markups to behind-the-scenes negotiations.

The electronic editions the rest of the week keep you on top of all the emerging political strategies and what happened at the hearings, markups and floor votes you need to follow. And we are there for all the late-night action, so you get complete coverage even when legislators work into the early morning.

Benefits of E&E Daily

  • Know when your issues are on the congressional agenda;
  • Know who supports and who opposes the issues you care about;
  • Get on top of the committee schedules with our exclusive calendar;
  • Get easy-to-read explanations of what's in appropriations bills;
  • Understand how key players are spinning your issues;
  • Get clear, concise side-by-side analysis of major bills;
  • Get "Breaking News" alerts when there are important, timely developments;
  • See all the pieces in the environmental and energy political and policy picture.

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