About Energywire

Energywire brings readers the latest information on the transformation of the energy sector. It covers developments in the electric utility industry, including the switch to natural gas, the growth of distributed energy, the need for significant infrastructure expansion and the flattening of demand. These factors and others confront the traditional utility business with significant uncertainty.

Energywire also offers deep, broad and insightful coverage of the business and political issues surrounding the rapidly expanding unconventional energy industry in the United States and around the world.

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Key issues covered by Energywire include:

  • Shale oil and gas development, liquefied natural gas (LNG), oil sands, deep water and Arctic drilling, enhanced oil and gas recovery, and other emerging fossil energy sources
  • Environmental concerns and the effects on water resources
  • Regulatory authority and land and mineral rights
  • Technology development
  • Finance, mergers and acquisitions
  • Pipelines, LNG terminals and other energy infrastructure
  • Economic consequences
  • Legislative and legal issues
  • Global energy supply and geopolitical implications
  • Grid stability and security
  • Cybersecurity
  • Distributed generation and renewables
  • Base-load fuel utilization and base-load facility retirement and replacement

Led by veteran editor Amy Carlile, Energywire's staff includes more than 20 reporters and award-winning journalists in locations across the country including Houston, Dallas, Seattle, St. Louis, Alaska and New York City.

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