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Business Development Specialist

The Business Development Specialist is responsible for identifying and preparing targets for new business generation. Seeking someone who can grow to understand the broader market and develop sources and systems that deliver qualified leads on an on-going basis. Researching, inputting, updating and tracking new/potential leads are the base functions of the work. Will include both managing incoming trial requests and initiating new leads through research efforts. Database management is a large function of the work.

Time management, a strong initiative to follow through on research activity and the ability to make and foster connections is a must. This work demands customer interaction via phone and email. Frequent internal communication amongst managers and team members, multi-tasking abilities to maintain a constant flow of work and an understanding of E&E’s products, business and strategy are essential.


  • Demonstrate a positive attitude and respect for everyone on the team;
  • Demonstrate a respectable level of thought, insight/analysis, attention to detail, and initiative in daily work;
  • Show initiative in tracking and following broader trends in energy and environmental markets;
  • Managing the incoming Requested Trial signups, including:
    • creating new accounts and identifying level of opportunity within an organization;
    • check for missing information (company intelligence, relationship and key notes, website information) for accounts already in system; and
    • track users who have left an organization and obtaining replacements for those key positions (i.e.: Government Relations staff, Director of Environmental Affairs, Head of Energy Practice, etc.);
  • Identify possible opportunities in an account:
    • notifying the proper sales agent when usage or other indicators point toward potential sale;
    • utilizing various electronic resources (Leadership Directories, Legistorm, et al) to supplement information provided on signup forms ; and
    • recognizing opportunities to game plan an account for growth (i.e. identifying additional business groups for pursuit or key contacts to be added)
  • Communicate appropriately, professionally, and effectively:
    • utilizing crafted and vetted stationary and language provided by Sales Team
    • calling to tour clients on our website, educating them about the benefits of each service, and conveying the extent of our presence, strengths, and coverage in the market
  • Support fellow Business Development Team members and sales agents as appropriate; and
  • Understanding of Congressional calendar and a grasp of organization of federal agencies/corporate hierarchies a plus.

Interested? Email your resume and cover letter to Andrew Benzer, New Business Team Manager, at


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