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On world's most remote platform, safety is reinforced through persistence, peer pressure

PERDIDO SPAR, Gulf of Mexico -- Work aboard the world's most isolated offshore oil production platform and drilling rig is loud, dangerous and often unpredictable. Still, each day begins in a mundane way. A 6 a.m. briefing starts with a rundown of all the work to be performed over the next 12-hour shift with notes on where to avoid danger. Next, there's a discussion of small safety hazards people noticed the day before -- workers descending stairs too quickly, warning tape not properly signed, crew members improperly lifting heavy equipment. What sets work on Perdido apart from many other locations is the constant repeating of a message that all on board must maintain close attention to their and each other's safety. Money is the imperative, but tasks must be performed at a steady, deliberate pace. Rushing is forbidden. It's all part of a stringent safety training regimen not seen in other facets of the energy industry.



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