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Is Calif.'s Monterey Shale a major oil resource or over-hyped?

In the fight over hydraulic fracturing in California, opponents of the drilling process frequently argue that restrictions are needed because of the potential for a massive oil boom in the state. There could be rapid expansion, they warn, if oil companies find a way to extract petroleum trapped in the state's Monterey Shale formation. Now a report says that the hype over the Monterey Shale may be overblown.


Shaking in Texas makes officials worry about injection from drilling

AZLE, Texas -- To Rochelle Clark, the earthquake sounded like a thud. She thought it was her sons horsing around in an upstairs bedroom at her home just off the main highway here. Eva Garcia, who runs a beauty shop around the corner from Clark's home, said she saw framed photos shaking on the walls. One of her customers felt a chair move. It seems most people in this small suburb have felt the ground shake at one time or another in the past few weeks. According to the U.S. Geological Survey, there have been 19 small earthquakes in the vicinity of Azle since Nov. 6, including a small one Tuesday. The strongest was a magnitude-3.6 quake Nov. 20.



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