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If it's 80 to one, 'and I'm the one, bet on me' -- Ohio EPA chief

COLUMBUS, Ohio -- Bald, goateed and with a penchant for profanity, Ohio EPA Director Scott Nally is seen as a potential U.S. EPA administrator if former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney (R) wins the White House. In step with the Republican Party's right flank, the brash Nally characterizes the agency's attitude toward the states as "dictatorial." If he does land in Washington, D.C., Nally is likely to shake things up. He preaches efficiency and sought to overhaul Ohio EPA when he took office. And he has challenged one of the longest standing -- and most effective -- groups of environmental regulators, the National Association of Clean Air Agencies. Nally bolted from NACAA last year, choosing to set up a rebel group. Those moves have made enemies for Nally.

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