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Trump moves to review or rescind Clean Power Plan

President Trump in March began the process to rescind U.S. EPA’s Clean Power Plan. The agency must follow formal proceedings to unravel the power-sector climate regulation. A federal court is still considering a case against the rule.

To learn more about court battles, click here. To see a full list of where states stood before the election, click here.

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Dorsey & Whitney's Rubin talks next steps for litigation, regulation following executive action on climate

Yesterday, President Trump signed his long-awaited executive order on climate and energy that takes aim at the Obama administration's climate policies. During today's OnPoint, James Rubin, a partner at Dorsey & Whitney, unpacks the order and explains what the next steps are for litigation and regulation. Rubin, who previously served in the Environment and Natural Resources Division of the Department of Justice, also talks about the future of the coal industry under the Trump administration.


The big announcement is over. What happens now?

President Trump never uttered the words "climate change" yesterday as he snuffed out former President Obama's plans to curb greenhouse gas emissions. Speaking at U.S. EPA headquarters, flanked by coal executives and their employees, Trump said the "energy independence" executive order would usher in a "new era of energy" that would eliminate federal overreach, shower the country with wealth and put miners back to work.


States vow to defend rule

The attorneys general of 16 states and the District of Columbia today vowed to protect U.S. EPA's regulations on carbon dioxide emissions from President Trump's directive on energy.


It's D-day for climate regs. Bombs fall at 2 p.m.

President Trump will try to land a knockout blow on his predecessor's sprawling climate agenda by issuing an executive order today targeting at least nine actions that form the foundation of U.S. efforts to cut emissions and prepare for rising perils.

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