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Trump victory puts Clean Power Plan implementation in doubt

With Republicans controlling the White House and both chambers of Congress, the outlook for U.S. EPA's Clean Power Plan is dim. President-elect Donald Trump is likely to rescind the power-sector climate rule or decline to enforce it, and the courts could still strike the regulation down. Click on a state above to see how states and companies had planned for greenhouse gas standards.

To learn more about court battles, click here. To see a full list of where states stood before the election, click here.


Pruitt hearing on Wednesday promises fireworks

Expect some hyperpartisan questioning for Oklahoma Attorney General Scott Pruitt (R) from members of the Senate Environment and Public Works Committee starting at 10 a.m. tomorrow, as senators meet to consider Pruitt's nomination for U.S. EPA administrator.

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E&E News' Bravender talks confirmation controversies as nominees prep for conflict

As the first week of the 115th Congress ends, lawmakers are gearing up for the start of confirmation hearings for President-elect Donald Trump's administration. What can we expect, and how will this week's flurry of legislative activity shape the direction of the new Congress? On today's The Cutting Edge, E&E News reporter Robin Bravender previews the issues to watch during the confirmation hearings and talks about the landscape for new legislation this year.


Super PAC rules would keep Pruitt's corporate cash flowing

One of the country's largest coal companies contributed $50,000 to a political action committee supporting Scott Pruitt in August, just as the company and the Oklahoma attorney general prepared for a key court appearance in their challenge to U.S. EPA's sweeping restrictions on power plants. Murray Energy Corp., the Ohio-based mine owner, will be able to make a similar contribution this year, legal experts say, even if the Senate confirms Pruitt, a Republican, to run EPA. The practical impact: Pruitt's Super PAC, Liberty 2.0, can keep raising money from the corporate interests he is charged with regulating.


Agency chiefs take victory laps, tout work on climate

It's closing time for the Obama administration. In a series of exit memorandums released today, agency chiefs lauded their accomplishments during the past eight years, with energy and environmental agencies touting their efforts to boost renewable energy, fight pollution and address climate change.


From 'The Possum' to EPA boss

BROKEN ARROW, Okla. — Before he was Donald Trump's pick to lead U.S. EPA, Scott Pruitt was a kid from Kentucky who grooved to country music, drove a '78 Chevy Blazer and hoped to make it as a big-league baseball player. His college teammates called him "The Possum."

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