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E&E's Power Plan Hub&nbsp

U.S. EPA’s Clean Power Plan would require states to write plans to reduce their power sector carbon dioxide emissions by varying amounts by 2030. E&E has collected our news coverage of the proposed rule in this easy-to-use, interactive resource. For a state-by-state breakdown, click on the map to read an overview of state agency comments, find links to relevant documents and read all of the stories related to each state.

Compiled Coverage by Issue

Pipeline Politics&nbsp

With the heft to carry half a million barrels of oil daily, the $7 billion Keystone XL pipeline is a huge proposal. But behind the furor over it lies an even bigger question: How should America approach the massive fuel reserves that its northern neighbor is working overtime to tap?

Nuclear Crisis&nbsp

The devastating earthquake and tsunami in Japan has spawned a major nuclear disaster. E&E examines the implications for energy, the environment, security and public health.

Global Climate Debate&nbsp

E&E tracks work on a post-Kyoto agreement for curbing emissions of heat-trapping gases.


E&E examines the effects of heat and drought conditions on agriculture, energy production, water policy, forest and wildfire management, and climate science.

Fiscal 2016 Budget and Appropriations&nbsp

The Fiscal 2016 Budget & Appropriations Report is a one-stop resource for tracking the fiscal 2016 spending process for environmental and energy accounts. The report includes budget tables for DOE, EPA, Interior, USDA and others, and links to stories that relate to the issues surrounding each bill. The tables and stories will be updated throughout the year.

E&E Special Reports

Deep Underground&nbsp

A surge in seismic activity is occurring around the U.S., and many top scientists are pointing at injection of waste from drilling and hydraulic fracturing as a possible culprit.

Energy Scions&nbsp

A look at members of Congress who work on energy and environmental issues – and whose political families influenced their thinking.

Sports at Risk&nbsp

An occasional series on the impact that rising temperatures are having on some of the world's most popular sports.

Danger Zone&nbsp

An investigation of the drilling industry's worker safety record and what it means for those living amid the boom.


In this series, E&E examines the plight of the world's islands and island nations. They contributed very little to the changing climate from man-made greenhouse gas emissions, but some may pay with their lives.