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Transmission monitor defends consultant choice for review of EPA plan

Grid overseers' decision to hire Northern Virginia consulting firm Energy Ventures Analysis Inc. (EVA) to assess the effects of U.S. EPA's Clean Power Plan -- after the firm publicly slammed the proposal -- has spurred sharp criticism from clean energy groups.

Michael Goggin, the director of research at the American Wind Energy Association, challenged the North American Electric Reliability Corp.'s choice to hire the consultant, expressing concerns at a Dec. 10 NERC meeting that a prior evaluation by EVA of the EPA proposal was set up to find "certain conclusions."


Computer models contest EPA Clean Power Plan's reliability impacts

U.S. EPA is relying on a complex computer model of the nation's energy networks and markets in declaring that its proposed Clean Power Plan will not lead to grid blackouts and unsupportable consumer costs.

The EPA model, which the agency has used in various forms for 20 years, can require hours to churn through data on U.S. power plants. EPA used it in this case to analyze the consequences of the administration's proposal to cut carbon emissions from power plants by about a third.


GOP lawmakers draft ways to attack EPA's Clean Power Plan

Republicans on the House Energy and Commerce Committee settled on the strategy yesterday for bitter congressional fights over U.S. EPA's proposal to limit greenhouse gas emissions from the power sector.

A report prepared by GOP staff charges that the administration's Clean Power Plan oversteps federal authority, sets unrealistic requirements and would provide no measurable climate benefits.

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