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Pa. to join Ky. in limiting response to EPA power plant rule

Pennsylvania is set to join Kentucky in enacting legislation that could make it impossible for the state to comply with U.S. EPA's Clean Power Plan, and activists warn that move could require the federal government to step in.

Pennsylvania's state Senate yesterday passed a bill already cleared by the House that would give either chamber of the state's General Assembly the right to veto any state plan to comply with the federal greenhouse gas rule. Gov. Tom Corbett (R) -- who has called the EPA draft a "cap-and-trade tax" -- is expected to sign it.


Southern Co. exec bullish on CCS, down on EPA regs

A top executive at Southern Co. expressed optimism this morning about the future of carbon capture technology efforts despite her company's troubles with one of the country's most visible projects.

In recent weeks, Southern said it was pushing back the launch of its Kemper County, Miss., carbon capture coal-fired power plant project to the second part of 2015. And the cost has gone up from under $3 billion to roughly $5.6 billion.


EPA emission proposal will spur investments in energy efficiency -- study

Energy efficiency investments will increase overall under U.S. EPA's Clean Power Plan, offering utilities and ratepayers alike a host of economic and reliability benefits, a new report says.

ICF International used modeling to estimate that EPA's draft rule could encourage utilities nationwide to spend as much as three times what they currently do on demand-side efficiency programs.


EPA rule gives short shrift to renewable potential -- scientists

U.S. EPA's Clean Power Plan underestimates states' capacity to ramp up renewable energy in the coming years and assigns them inappropriately easy carbon reduction targets as a result, a science advocacy group says.

The Union of Concerned Scientists released a report today arguing that EPA's June 2 proposal leaves money on the table when it comes to encouraging states to make the most of their clean energy potential.

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