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Does the world really need a clean energy 'moonshot'?

The Obama administration celebrated the Breakthrough Energy Coalition at last year's Paris climate summit as evidence that some of the world's most successful financiers back the president's agenda of addressing warming.

But the pledge by Microsoft Corp. co-founder Bill Gates and others to channel resources toward revolutionary new energy technologies reopened a long-standing debate over whether billions in private-sector dollars should be spent chasing an "energy miracle" or helping market-ready technologies gain traction.


Figueres struggling to get foothold in U.N. race

Christiana Figueres' candidacy to lead the United Nations appears to be faltering despite her role in helping deliver one of the international body's greatest recent successes in Paris last year.

The former U.N. Framework Convention on Climate Change chief has made December's landmark climate deal her calling card in the secretary-general race. But while that's served her in public events, the U.N. Security Council that will ultimately choose a candidate has relegated her to the bottom tier of contenders.

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