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Environmental groups want tougher guidelines on lending by World Bank

The World Bank board of directors meets this week to move forward with new environmental policies that green groups say don't go far enough to address climate change.

The proposed safeguards aimed at minimizing harm from World Bank lending do address climate, according to a leaked July 10 draft that has been circulating. But environmental and social justice groups say the bank's new protections are weak and riddled with loopholes.


China's coal-to-gas program will balloon CO2 emissions -- Greenpeace

China's efforts to combat climate change risk being thrown off course if the nation materializes its plan of converting coal into natural gas, according to an analysis issued today by environmental group Greenpeace.

China currently operates two coal-to-natural-gas demonstration projects, but there are another 48 plants under construction and planning. Once completed, those plants are expected to provide much-needed clean fuels to the country's smog-choked east, potentially replacing power from existing coal plants.


New technologies await 'discussions' to extend U.S.-China partnership

The U.S. government may be a few months away from renewing a $150 million clean energy research partnership with China, according to a senior U.S. adviser on the program, and he suggested that researchers on both sides of the Pacific have a strong idea about what they would want to spend the new funds on.

The program, announced in November 2009 by President Obama and Chinese President Hu Jintao, is nearing the end of its five-year funding plan that supports research in three broad areas: clean coal technology, building efficiency and clean vehicles. Jim Wood, director of the U.S.-China Clean Energy Research Center's Advanced Coal Technology Consortium, said during a presentation in Washington, D.C., that there are likely to be "discussions" about renewing the program for another five years.


Pakistan energy adviser says banning blackouts is a prime policy goal

Pakistan's new government will significantly improve the country's ailing power sector within the next five years -- and should be voted out of office if it fails, a top energy adviser to Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif said yesterday.

Speaking to the Woodrow Wilson International Center for Scholars, Musadik Malik outlined the administration's long- and short-term energy goals and said alleviating the nearly 6,000-megawatt power shortfall is one of the driving political issues in Pakistan.


Energy and climate change are large factors in U.S. defense, experts tell Senate panel

From Iraq to Ukraine, fast-shifting energy needs are changing the face of international security, experts told Congress yesterday.

Testifying before a Senate Foreign Relations Committee panel, current and former defense leaders put climate change squarely at the center of security operations, arguing that rising seas and fiercer storms must be taken into account when planning for America's military future.

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