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Nations pledge $9.5B to Green Climate Fund

Rich and poor countries alike pledged a total of $9.5 billion yesterday to help developing countries curb greenhouse gas emissions and prepare for the impacts of global warming.

The money to the Green Climate Fund, led by a $3 billion commitment from the United States, does not quite reach the low end of the $10 billion to $15 billion bar that activists had imposed for yesterday's pledging meeting in Berlin.


Calif. teams with India on early step toward cleaner air

LOS ANGELES -- California is working with India on developing a system for measuring pollutants, a key step in developing future clean air plans, the head of the Golden State's Air Resources Board said.

"What we are going to be doing is working with them to develop a national air monitoring system that can help address what clearly is a major environmental and health crisis in that country," ARB Chairwoman Mary Nichols said in an interview here.


U.S. to pledge $3B to Green Climate Fund

The Obama administration is poised to announce a pledge of billions of dollars to an international climate change fund ahead of the G-20 summit in Australia this weekend, several sources have told ClimateWire.

The pledge to the Green Climate Fund -- $3 billion over four years, according to two people close to the funding discussions -- is certain to antagonize Republicans. Many yesterday warned that any such request would be dead on arrival in the new GOP-led Congress. But coming on the heels of a historic agreement with China to jointly roll back greenhouse gas emissions, the promise of U.S. money to help vulnerable countries develop clean energy and adapt to the impacts of climate change is also expected to win broad approval internationally.


Just how ambitious is China's pledge?

Capping China's greenhouse gas emissions by 2030, as President Xi Jinping has pledged to do, will require a series of serious policy measures curbing coal consumption, boosting non-fossil energy and restructuring the economy.

So say some analysts. Other China-watchers pooh-poohed the deal announced in Beijing yesterday, saying China's slowing economy virtually assures it will peak its emissions by the next decade, whether or not the government takes action.

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