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Kerry makes climate change a new top international priority

Secretary of State John Kerry yesterday launched a new diplomatic road map that puts climate change at the forefront of long-term global challenges.

The second-ever Quadrennial Diplomacy and Development Review is aimed at evaluating the State Department's efforts, proposing new reforms and charting priorities for the coming year. Kerry described climate change in the same language as issues like the population explosion and religious extremism, among the "vast array of challenges" that the United States must navigate.


Nations pledge a record $4.3B to offset environmental damage

Nations this week committed a record $4.43 billion over the next four years to help developing countries address climate change and other environmental issues.

The funding pledge from 30 nations to the Global Environment Facility will go toward a range of projects aimed at preventing environmental degradation in about 140 countries. Beyond climate change, the consortium of countries and institutions that make up the GEF also focuses on species extinction, toxic waste and ocean threats.


Global conversation on geoengineering steps begins in the most recent IPCC report

In its most recent landmark report on how the international community could avert climate disaster, the U.N. Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change discusses climate geoengineering in more detail than it ever has before.

In the eyes of the still relatively small group of scientists and policymakers discussing the risks and rewards of climate geoengineering methods, the news was cause for cautious optimism -- and a great deal of contextualizing.

Comparison of 2020 Targets and Ranges Pledged

Industrialized nations have put a variety of pledges on the table ahead of the U.N. climate talks in Copenhagen. For a rundown of the pledges, click here. (Updated: Dec. 15, 2009)

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