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Espinosa confirmed as new climate chief

The United Nations confirmed Patricia Espinosa as its new climate chief yesterday, though she will not step into the position until later this summer.

Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon had tapped the Mexican diplomat earlier this month to replace Christiana Figueres as head of the U.N. Framework Convention on Climate Change. That became official yesterday in Bonn, Germany, where delegates are meeting for the first negotiations since last year's landmark climate deal was concluded in Paris.


Post-Paris, Clean Energy Ministerial now 'where the action is'

The Department of Energy is usually a supporting player in international efforts to contain warming, but it steps into the spotlight later this month to host the Clean Energy Ministerial in California.

The 24-country event in the San Francisco Bay Area marks the first time energy ministers will come together to swap clean power and efficiency ideas since last year's landmark Paris climate deal.


Renowned oceanographer axed by CSIRO speaks from the high seas

One of the world's foremost scientists on sea-level rise was unceremoniously sacked last week by Australia's federal science agency.

John Church, an oceanographer at the Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation, received news that he has been made potentially redundant while on an ocean voyage on the RV Investigator somewhere between New Zealand and Antarctica. The ship is tracking the heat trapped in the ocean at depths of up to 4,500 meters.


Officials slam Trump idea to retool accord 'at a minimum'

Foreign leaders hit back today at Donald Trump for saying he would "at a minimum" renegotiate the landmark global climate deal 195 nations struck in Paris last year.

Tony de Brum, ambassador for climate change for the Marshall Islands, one of the world's most vulnerable countries to rising sea levels, warned that pulling out of the hard-fought accord would only harm the United States.

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