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India holds the key to climate change -- report

The world's energy carbon budget will shift strongly toward India over the next two decades, as the country sees a likely tripling of its annual power-sector CO2 emissions by 2040, according to new findings from Bloomberg New Energy Finance.

"That makes India the key to the future global emissions trend," the New York- and London-based research firm said in its New Energy Outlook for 2016, published yesterday.


Emissions scheme stuck as U.S., E.U. haggle over offsets

A fight between the United States and European Union over how to split the burden of offsetting carbon emissions from international aircraft is embroiling a popular deal to curb greenhouse gases from the sector.

The 191 countries participating in the International Civil Aviation Organization will be asked at an October summit in Montreal to approve an international market mechanism to freeze carbon emissions from aviation at 2020 levels. More than a dozen national leaders have urged a positive vote.


Religious conservative Modi an unlikely climate ambassador

Much has been made about the "bromance" between President Obama and Narendra Modi, but in some ways, the Indian prime minister's political leanings are more in line with the Republican-led Congress he addressed Wednesday than with the Democratic president.

Modi and his Bharatiya Janata Party, or BJP, combine religious conservatism with support for free-market policies over a concentration of power in India's massive bureaucracy. The party has a history of hostility to Muslims that would put Donald Trump to shame.


India agrees to help U.S. on super climate pollutants

India joined the United States yesterday in calling for an amendment to the Montreal Protocol to quickly phase down heat-trapping refrigerants across the globe, showing what some observers say is India's growing willingness to act on climate change.

President Obama and Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi agreed to work together on a host of climate and energy issues during Modi's visit to the United States. Among them is India's pledge to support an early entry into force of the Paris climate deal.

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