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Senators to hear about ongoing restoration efforts

Four years after the Deepwater Horizon oil rig gushed millions of barrels of oil into the Gulf of Mexico, the Senate this week will check in on the state of restoration efforts.

Although many of the scientific studies looking at impacts of the spill are under wraps because of the ongoing civil case against BP PLC, the information that is available suggests that elements of the ecosystem are still reeling.

But money for restoration work has been slow to make its way to the Gulf. In the wake of the spill, BP agreed to pay $1 billion for early restoration efforts, but the lion's share of that money -- $627 million -- was only just committed to projects this June.


Poll shows voter support for more leasing, API says

More than two-thirds of American voters support drilling U.S. waters for oil and gas, and the same ratio say they would support candidates who back offshore drilling and more domestic oil and gas production, according to a new poll commissioned by the American Petroleum Institute.

The national telephone survey by the Harris Poll supports API's view that the Obama administration should open new waters to oil and gas development in its next five-year leasing plan, the group said.


Shell strikes black gold again in the Gulf of Mexico

HOUSTON -- A major new cache of oil has been found in the Gulf of Mexico.

The U.S. subsidiary of oil and gas super major Royal Dutch Shell PLC yesterday said it has struck a rich deposit of crude oil during exploratory drilling off the southeastern tip of Louisiana. The company said the exploration is part of a decadelong initiative to prove the potential of an oil play that extends from onshore prospects into the waters of the Gulf.

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