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At restart of nuclear power plant, Japanese demonstrators hit the streets

HONG KONG -- Japanese people usually do not express their emotion publicly, but they made an exception earlier this week.

TV images showed that hundreds of people took to the street Sunday in the Kyushu Island of southern Japan, with colorful banners and big horns. A group of protesters gathered again Tuesday as the police stood guard, while some others showed up outside Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe's residence in Tokyo.


NRC boosts oversight of Ill. power station

The Nuclear Regulatory Commission will increase its oversight of the Clinton Power Station for the remainder of 2015 following a low-risk safety lapse.

A shutdown cooling water pump at the Clinton, Ill., nuclear plant failed to start during a required operability test on Sept. 16, 2014, NRC said in a statement, and a subsequent test showed that the same pump had stopped working at the end of a similar test on May 30, 2014. The pump, which provides water to cool safety-related equipment in emergencies, had been inoperable for 108 days without being detected, violating NRC regulations.


EPA plan may turn fate of 'at risk' plants over to states

The U.S. nuclear power industry got part of what it wanted in the revised Clean Power Plan released yesterday but no direct help in keeping economically pressured units in operation.

The U.S. EPA carbon rule changes the treatment of five nuclear power plants being built in Georgia, South Carolina and Tennessee so the states now can count the future electricity production toward their carbon reduction goals.


NRC to investigate uranium leak at Ill. plant

The Nuclear Regulatory Commission is investigating an Illinois nuclear fuel plant after uranium hexafluoride leaked there during maintenance work Saturday.

A valve installed during maintenance work at the Honeywell Metropolis Works in Metropolis, Ill., began to leak the toxic and radioactive substance Saturday evening, NRC said. The leak was stopped within two hours with no injuries to workers and no uranium hexafluoride or radiation found to have left the facility, according to Honeywell International Inc., the facility's owner.


DOE offers funding for advanced reactor designs

Companies working on advanced nuclear reactor designs can receive up to $6 million in a competition announced today by the Department of Energy.

DOE is looking for advanced reactor concepts that could be demonstrated by 2035 by offering two awards with funding of up to $6 million each. There's a possibility of multiple-year funding for as many as two awards for a total of $40 million each in cost-sharing.

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