Greenhouse gas regulations

Emily Holden

Reporter, E&E's Power Plan Hub content editor


Emily reports on the Clean Power Plan for ClimateWire and also maintains E&E's Power Plan Hub. Her writing focuses on how states and industries are responding to the U.S. EPA's landmark regulations to reduce greenhouse gas emissions from the power sector. She started writing about the energy sector as a regulatory reporter for CQ Roll Call as part of an arrangement between CQ and Thomson Reuters. Prior to that, she wrote about finance, the federal budget and taxes as a congressional reporter at CQ. Before joining E&E in 2014, Emily was energy editor at Morning Consult, a digital media startup. She has written for the Houston Chronicle, The Arizona Republic and The Advocate, in Baton Rouge, La. She graduated from Louisiana State University with a degree in political communication in 2011.

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How Scott Pruitt rode a wave of federalism to power

Scott Pruitt was in the right place at the right time in 2011, just as the Obama administration was preparing to unleash a torrent of new environmental regulations. As a state senator in oil-and-gas-rich Oklahoma, Pruitt unsuccessfully ran for higher office twice before launching a bid for attorney general. Then, in 2010, he latched onto a winning conservative campaign issue: massive government overreach. Voters liked what they heard.