Climate adaptation

Erika Bolstad



Erika covers climate change adaptation in the United States for ClimateWire. She looks for stories about the intersection of politics, science, business and culture, with an emphasis on how people across the United States are addressing the effects of climate change. She previously worked at the Miami Herald, where she covered local and state government and hurricanes, most notably Hurricane Katrina from New Orleans. She spent six years in the McClatchy Washington bureau covering climate change and environmental issues and was the Washington correspondent for the Anchorage Daily News and the Idaho Statesman. Her career began at newspapers in North and South Carolina. Bolstad was born in Minnesota and raised in Oregon and has a degree in journalism from Washington & Lee University in Virginia.

Latest Stories


Shh, scientists hope Trump overlooks major climate report

Its acronym is just obscure enough to be benign, so little-known that even people in the know stumble over the name of the federal program that guides much of the country's climate research. That's exactly what the U.S. Global Change Research Program appears to want right now, as Congress and the Trump administration go on the prowl for places to cut federal money for climate research.


One thing that will breach Trump's wall: climate change

Architects have called the border wall a "pharaonic project." Environmentalists say it will continue to cut off the flow of water and wildlife in a changing climate but won't keep out people. President Trump, though, said yesterday, as he announced an executive order to build a border wall: "Beginning today, the United States of America gets back control of its borders, gets back its borders."