Midwest power

Jeffrey Tomich



Jeffrey is a St. Louis-based reporter covering the Midwest power sector for EnergyWire. Focus areas include the shift by coal-dependent states to cleaner energy sources and the evolution of the utility business model in response to new technologies. Before joining EnergyWire, Jeffrey was the energy and environment reporter for the St. Louis Post-Dispatch, where he won a SABEW award for a story on the Iowa ethanol boom. He also covered energy for Bloomberg News. A native of Houston, he is a Tulane University graduate with a double major in English and economics.

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Mich.'s reactor shutdown not sounding climate alarms

Threats to close nuclear plants in Illinois and New York triggered hundreds of millions of dollars in annual subsidies to keep the plants open in a last-gasp reprieve to save the jobs, taxes and carbon-free energy they produce. But the impact on greenhouse gas emissions? Not so much.