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Robin is an enterprise reporter who focuses on the people who drive energy and environmental policy. She has also covered courts, the inner workings of federal agencies, air pollution and climate change. She previously worked at Politico and Reuters Television's Latin America desk. Robin has a master's degree in journalism from American University in 2007 and a bachelor's in Latin American & Caribbean studies from the University of Michigan.

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Pruitt's pitch to staff: Give me a chance

In his first speech to U.S. EPA staffers since his swearing in as administrator last Friday, Scott Pruitt stressed his respect today for the agency's career employees, hinted broadly at big changes ahead and made a plea for "civility." He said, "We ought to be able to get together and wrestle through some very difficult issues and do so in a civil manner."


Pruitt wants 24/7 bodyguards

U.S. EPA Administrator Scott Pruitt — one of President Trump’s most controversial Cabinet-level picks — was expected to request an around-the-clock security detail from his agency, according to an internal agency email obtained by E&E News. Such protection would mark a dramatic increase from security given past administrators and could curtail resources available for EPA's criminal enforcement, according to former agency officials.