Electric utilities

Rod Kuckro

Reporter, E&E's Power Plan Hub managing editor


Rod joined E&E in 2013 to report for EnergyWire on the rapidly occurring transformation of the electric utility business model. He writes about the industry's leaders and regulators, the evolving wholesale power markets and more recently about U.S. EPA's Clean Power Plan. Prior to joining E&E, Rod was editor-in-chief of Platts' daily electricity publications group and before that, editor of Oil Daily. He began reporting in Washington for the Oakland Tribune and The Cincinnati Enquirer. He has been featured as an expert on CNN, CNBC, NPR, Platts Energy Week TV and E&ETV. He is an alumnus of Georgetown University.

Latest Stories


Regulators set to wrestle with state generation policies

Federal electricity regulators will host a two-day conference in May to tackle the tangled relationships between the Eastern regional transmission organizations and states that are pursuing policies that favor certain generating resources over others.


Downsizing U.S. EIA poses a challenge

In its search for $54 billion in cuts from domestic spending to offset an equal increase in defense spending, the Trump administration is reportedly looking at sizable reductions at agencies such as U.S. EPA, the State Department and the Department of the Interior.