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Saqib covers business and finance trends in oil and gas for EnergyWire. His coverage includes the capital markets, tax issues and macroeconomic factors behind the modern energy business. Prior to this role, he was a reporter for ClimateWire, focusing on transportation and energy technology. Saqib graduated from Johns Hopkins University's School of Advanced International Studies in 2008, specializing in energy policy. His prior journalistic posts include National Public Radio's science desk and the San Jose Mercury News' science team.

Latest Stories


Will N.Y.'s Cuomo work with Trump on energy?

Last month, Williams Cos. President and CEO Alan Armstrong shared an item from his policy wish list. It had to do with a pipeline that Williams wants to build from Pennsylvania to New York. Last year, New York regulators denied a key water permit, preventing the pipeline from going forward after years of review. Armstrong said the decision was more about politics than water, adding that he hoped the administration of President-elect Donald Trump will make it easier to get projects like this through. It's one example of the kinds of skirmishes that could be forthcoming between Washington and New York.


Tech companies to utilities: Give us your data

The traditional power company is a monopoly that tightly controls the data it uses to make decisions on what to build and how much it costs. Now a coalition of high-tech energy companies are saying they want the data — and with it, a say in the planning.