Oxfam's Kripke discusses escalating debate over RFS, impact of food prices on world's poor

With many members of Congress pushing for last year's renewable fuels standard to be reconsidered, attention over rising food prices, and their link to biofuels production is at an all-time high. During today's OnPoint, Gawain Kripke, policy director at Oxfam America gives his take on whether the RFS should be frozen or rolled back. Kripke discusses the role speculation of corn and biofuels futures is playing in the pricing of food. On the international front, he explains the legal barriers standing in the way of food aide being allocated appropriately and discusses what steps governments should be taking to ensure that biofuels production provides market opportunities and stimulates agricultural sectors. Kripke also discusses testimony he gave at a recent House Energy and Air Quality Subcommittee hearing.


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