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Year in review: 2021 paved the way for enviro law action

President Biden’s first 11 months in office have brought new environmental regulations for litigants to spar over — and new judges to...

By Pamela King | 12/21/2021 6:08 PM


EPA advances WOTUS rewrite

The Biden administration has crafted a new definition of what constitutes a “water of the U.S.” that, as of today, is undergoing an...

By Hannah Northey | 10/13/2021 8:24 PM


What to expect from Interior and EPA this fall

Nearly 10 months into his term, President Biden's administration is still slowly unwinding the actions of its predecessors on the...

By Jennifer Yachnin, Jean Chemnick, Hannah Northey | 09/20/2021 5:40 PM


What’s next for WOTUS after judge jettisons Trump rule

The Biden administration may be clear to write new regulations for streams and wetlands after a federal court ruling in Arizona yesterday...

By Hannah Northey, Pamela King | 08/31/2021 6:26 PM


Judge sinks Trump WOTUS rule

A federal judge today struck down the Trump administration's rule that significantly narrowed the scope of Clean Water Act...

By Pamela King | 08/30/2021 10:50 PM