Biden hikes solar tariffs, launches import probe

By Jack Quinn, Christian Robles, Brian Dabbs | 05/16/2024 06:54 AM EDT

The plan could have major repercussions for the solar market and the presidential campaign.

Solar workers at a factory.

Workers building silicon wafers for solar panels at a factory. Hanwha Qcells | Hanwha Q Cells

This story was updated at 8:50 a.m. EDT.

The White House announced sweeping trade actions and tax guidance Thursday to bolster solar manufacturing, moves that could affect the industry’s growth.

In June, new tariffs will hit solar panels and cells from Cambodia, Malaysia, Thailand and Vietnam after the Biden administration exempted those countries from fees two years ago. The shift could be significant for the market, as the four Southeast Asian nations currently dominate solar imports.


The administration also said they would no longer exempt countries from tariffs on “bifacial,” or two-sided, panels, a technology that accounts for the majority of solar imports. Those types of panels will face a 14.25 percent duty, according to the White House.