John Curtis treads lightly on climate in Utah Senate race

By Timothy Cama | 03/25/2024 06:29 AM EDT

The House Republican is leading the polls to replace Mitt Romney. But how much is he talking about climate change, one of his biggest issues?

Rep. John Curtis (R-Utah).

Rep. John Curtis (R-Utah) on the campaign trail for Senate. Curtis/Facebook

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Rep. John Curtis is known in Washington for his efforts to break the GOP mold by loudly calling for climate change policies, but that’s not the image Utah voters are seeing as he fights to be the state’s next senator.

His campaign so far is focusing on typical conservative priorities like reducing migration across the southern border and cutting federal spending. Even ads being run by a super political action committee that’s supporting him — and gets major funding from a renewable energy champion — don’t mention climate change.


When he does talk about the environment or energy, he emphasizes how fossil fuels and the industry can help reduce emissions. He has also criticized Democrats’ renewable energy and land policies.