US industrial emissions set to surge despite climate law — report

By Brian Dabbs | 05/20/2024 07:07 AM EDT

The sector could become the largest U.S. emitter of greenhouse gases within a decade, the Rhodium Group found.

Nucor steel plant in Alabama.

A steel plant in Tuscaloosa, Alabama. Francis Chung/POLITICO

U.S. industrial greenhouse gas emissions could spike as much as 15 percent by 2040 despite massive new federal incentives to address climate change, a new report finds.

The analysis from energy consultancy Rhodium Group suggests greenhouse gas emissions linked to steel, cement, chemicals and other industries also could rise as much as 12 percent by 2035 compared to 2022 levels if deployment is low for low-carbon technologies.

“The industrial sector is on a path to becoming the highest-emitting sector in the U.S. economy in the early 2030s,” the report says.


The sector is considered particularly difficult to decarbonize in the U.S. and globally, partly because many processes require extremely high temperatures that can only be reached with fossil fuels.