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Can drilling for shale gas and carbon sequestration coexist?

Natural gas production and carbon sequestration may be headed for an underground collision course. That is the message from a new study finding that many of the same shale rock formations where companies want to extract gas also happen to sit above optimal sites envisioned for storing carbon dioxide underground that is captured from power plants and industrial facilities. The problem with this overlap, the researchers found, is that shale-gas extraction involves fracturing rock that could be needed as an impenetrable cover to hold CO2 underground permanently and prevent it from leaking back into the atmosphere.


Climate change quietly falls off the agenda as London's mayoral campaign warms up

LONDON -- The main contenders are the same, the economy is in a similarly poor state and some of the key issues still linger, but in stark contrast to 2008, when the last London mayoral elections were fought, no one is hitting the stump with a climate message this year. Crime, the city's creaking and overburdened transport system, affordable housing and the cost of living have emerged as the dominant themes for Conservative incumbent Boris Johnson, Labour rival and former Mayor Ken Livingstone and Liberal Democrat challenger and former senior policeman Brian Paddick, who are competing for the election to be held May 3.



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