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U.S. lags in a global race for fuel efficiency

Driving down greenhouse gas emissions with more fuel-efficient vehicles may be the world's greatest opportunity to combat climate change, but it will take a truly global effort to get there. As the global middle class expands, more and more people will seek the freedom of mobility. But the more cars there are, the worse traffic jams, air quality, oil demand and greenhouse gas emissions will become.


Frustration builds over campaign's silence on climate change

There's perhaps no friendlier place than the United Nations to talk about climate change. But President Obama steered clear this week, focusing instead on an issue that Mitt Romney has bothered him with -- an anti-Muslim video. The omission is reflective of a presidential race in which climate change is rarely touched on and, when it is, is boiled down to a joke, or a meager rebuttal. As a political dance, the climate change sidestep is increasingly frustrating to those who believe that climate change is a global challenge that should top the ticket -- of both parties.



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