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Clean, green and unobtrusive, wave and tidal energy projects appeal to Scots

STROMNESS, Scotland -- What looks like a 590-foot, orange caterpillar spends its days undulating on the frothy tips of waves here as they break several hundred yards off the rocky coast. Its name is Pelamis, a device designed by three energy visionaries to turn wave energy into electricity. Here and at several other sites dotted around the Orkney Islands, the European Marine Energy Centre provides a test bed for Pelamis and numerous other wave and tidal energy devices.


In science of climate change, still much to be learned

The science of climate change has advanced significantly in the years since the release of the last Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change physical science report in early 2007. Yet despite key advances in areas like sea-level rise and humans' role in a changing climate, a nagging question remains. The question, often referred to as climate sensitivity, is simple: Given a particular level of increase in greenhouse gases -- a doubling of CO2, say -- how much will the Earth warm?


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