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In 34 years, the Earth will experience a new kind of hot -- study

Even though the Earth is warming, not every year is warmer than the year before. That's because natural climate cycles of warmth and cold are layered atop that human-caused warming trend. Now, a new study lays out a date for when our warmed Earth will surpass the climate's natural variability and temperatures will consistently sit higher than they ever have, if humans keep emitting greenhouse gases at current rates. That date is 34 years from now: 2047.


Quest for cheap, nonfood biofuel starts with a brewery

EMERYVILLE, Calif. -- In a slick, glass-clad office building just blocks from the San Francisco Bay, researchers are running what amounts to a high-tech craft brewery. But instead of making exotic beers, they are cooking up what they hope will become America's top biofuel, one made from wastes that can dethrone the current champion, corn-based ethanol.



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