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Big companies assume future CO2 emissions price to cut costs and risks in planning

A recent finding by the climate nonprofit CDP that more than two dozen major U.S. firms are placing a price on carbon dioxide emissions for purposes of internal planning came as old news at 1 Poydras Place in New Orleans, the headquarters of Entergy Corp. The Fortune 500 company, which provides electricity and natural gas to 2.8 million customers in the Lower Mississippi River Valley, coastal Louisiana and East Texas, has been hedging on carbon dioxide since 2001, making it one of the first major U.S. utilities to place CO2 on its corporate priorities list.


Coal-related air pollution has killed hundreds of thousands in Chinese cities, Greenpeace asserts

When Shanghai's air pollution hit a record last Friday and more than a dozen other cities were shrouded in smog, it fueled sales of masks and air purifiers across the nation. Chinese citizens blamed emissions from coal-fired power plants for threatening their health. A new health impacts assessment report, unveiled today by Greenpeace and delivered to selected media, estimated that China's operating coal-fired power plants released polluting emissions that killed 260,000 people in 2011 alone.


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