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Beachfront math: Could a $40M marsh restoration project save 183 homes?

MILTON, Del. -- More than 180 homes sit squeezed on a spit of land between the Delaware Bay and what was until 2008 Prime Hook National Wildlife Refuge's main freshwater marsh. Today, the marsh is an expansive, brackish pond. A series of storms, culminating in last year's Superstorm Sandy, punched breaches through the dunes protecting its freshwater vegetation, destroying 4,000 acres of habitat -- and the flood protection it provided the private Prime Hook Beach community.


Utility launches $1.9B wind power expansion in Iowa

More than 1,000 wind power manufacturing employees in Iowa and Kansas received an early Christmas gift yesterday as energy giant Siemens AG announced that its U.S. plants would supply 448 wind turbines to MidAmerican Energy Co. as part of the largest single order for onshore turbines in history.


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