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San Diego, bracing for climate change, studies its weaknesses

A collection of experts are assembling in San Diego to wrestle with the city's seesaw climate challenges that include heat-sparked wildfires on one side and increased floods from rising seas on the other. The meeting will pull together insurers, real estate developers and officials from the area's largest infrastructure projects, like the airport and the city's sprawling seaport, to probe climate impacts on the city and identify ways to prepare for more. Climate scientists and city planners will also be at the two-day event beginning today.


Lured by savings and cash, many American schools are going solar

When the Dublin City School District in central Georgia broke ground on a new solar project earlier this month, school officials celebrated more than just sustainability. The new solar array, to be completed in June, will also save some serious, much-needed cash. With an increasing number of grants and other funding available, more American public schools like Dublin High are looking to solar as a way to save money, with the added perk of acquiring an in-house renewable energy science lab.


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