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China fuels new boom in natural gas

If Chinese Prime Minister Li Keqiang's recent visit to Britain sent out any signals, one of the strongest might be that China wants more natural gas. China's heightened interest in natural gas consumption -- a response to recent smog as well as longer-term worries about public health, social unrest and an undesired national image -- comes as the country's air pollution consistently makes headlines


New map of Inuit trails highlight Arctic's human presence amid ice melt

For stark evidence of climate change happening today, it is common to look to the Arctic and images of frozen wasteland populated by giant calving glaciers, lonely polar bears and a thawing Northwest Passage. There are often few humans in the frame. But a new visual project from a team of Arctic researchers is highlighting the human presence on top of the world and aiming to educate the public about the impact of climate change on humans now.


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