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3-D printing poised to advance cleaner cars

It's rare that a gleaming, azure legend on wheels fails to turn heads, but at the Detroit auto show earlier this month, Oak Ridge National Laboratory's Shelby Cobra faced stiff competition for attention as manufacturers showed off their new concepts. But in this showcase all about the future of the auto industry, the Oak Ridge Cobra, a throwback to 1967, was a harbinger of things to come. The polished paint and chrome belied bodywork that came out of a 3-D printer, making the roadster a victim of its own success.


Tale of 2 penguins: Warming climate won't help picky eaters

Two penguin species are responding differently to rising temperatures in the Antarctic, according to a new study. Gentoo penguin populations have almost tripled in recent years while their habitat partners, chinstrap penguins, struggle to keep up. Adaptive feeding strategies that in the past decreased competition for food between gentoo and chinstrap penguins are now proving problematic for the chinstraps.


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