Editorial leadership change

January 5, 2018 -- Kevin Braun has left his editor-in-chief post today and ended management responsibilities at E&E News.

He will be on an indefinite leave of at least six months to address personal matters that have negatively affected his relationship with the company and our staff. He won't re-engage with the company until he has completed meaningful treatment for alcohol abuse and inappropriate behavior, including sexual harassment of staff members.

He will remain an owner and principal.

Cyril Zaneski has been promoted to editor-in-chief and will continue as Greenwire editor. Cy's worked with E&E News for 13 years and has been a leader in the newsroom.

Kevin Braun this morning released this statement: "I want to let you know about something that is not easy to acknowledge. I have abused alcohol, which at times has led to inappropriate behavior toward the company's staff. I apologize to those employees who I have offended, and I take responsibility for my actions. As the editor-in-chief and an owner of this organization, I failed to demonstrate proper decorum, professionalism and leadership. As a result, I will be stepping away from my day-to-day management responsibilities indefinitely. Cy Zaneski will be taking over as editor-in-chief. He will do a fantastic job, and I ask that you give him and our outstanding editors your full support. I also hope that you will understand this decision and respect my privacy."

Michael Witt
E&E News

UPDATE: In mid-January, Braun surrendered all decision-making power at E&E News and was permanently barred from its offices. While he remains a co-owner of the company, he has no role in its management.