Reaction: Gore discusses Obama's Nobel prize win (October 9, 2009)

Former Vice President Al Gore offered his opinion on this morning's announcement by the Nobel Peace Prize Committee that President Obama is this year's award recipient. Gore was speaking at the Society of Environmental Journalists’ conference in Madison, Wis. Gore won the same prize in 2007.

Gore: By the way, before I say anything else, I want to comment on the news of this morning. I think it's thrilling that President Barack Obama has been awarded the Nobel Peace Prize. I think it's an honor for our country -- it's an honor for him, first and foremost, but it's a honor for our country. I think it’s extremely well deserved. I think that much of what he has accomplished already is going to be far more appreciated in the eyes of history as it has been by the Nobel Committee in their announcement early this morning.

Just to pick one example, I think it'll take some time before people put together all of the different moves that linked his speech at the United Nations on the phasing out of nuclear weapons, his shift on the missile defense program in Eastern Europe and the movement of Russia to join an international consensus that confronts Iran with the need to abide by the non-proliferation treaty. I cite that as only one of the examples that was included in the Nobel Committee's statement this morning.

Another of the examples they used was his success in changing the way the world is approaching the climate crisis -- the climatic challenges, as they put it -- now confronting the world.


(Audio courtesy of Dale Willman, executive editor, Field Notes Productions)