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"E&E can continue to cover climate change with a breadth and depth few news organizations … will be able to match."
-- Michael Svoboda Yale Forum On Climate Change & The Media


"Where candidates' stances on environmental issues are concerned, again, there is only limited evidence of national or local media attention. As usual, the undisputed champion, in terms of quantity of coverage along this front, is Environment & Energy Publishing …"
-- Columbia Journalism Review


"“The one website that I visit every day is [E&E]. ... I nearly always click, read, and forward at least one or more articles every day. It is a great way to keep up on policy issues without being in Washington, D.C."
-- Clay Nesler, Vice President, Johnson Controls


"But that didn’t stop Greenwire ... from doing something that a lot of the press has been unwilling or unable to do: press Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton on climate change and flesh out differences where there appear to be none."
-- Columbia Journalism Review