EnergyWire: Expanding to cover the grid

Environment & Energy Publishing is excited to announce a major expansion of EnergyWire's scope of coverage: We will now bring subscribers in-depth coverage of the various forces reshaping the electric utility industry. And that is in addition to our groundbreaking reporting on the game-changing growth of unconventional fossil fuel production.

EnergyWire is the established leader in comprehensive, daily coverage of the issues surrounding unconventional energy – from environmental concerns to energy security to the infrastructure necessary to support this massive new resource.

Among the major consequences stemming from unconventional energy development is the huge increase in domestic natural gas production, an event that is dramatically reshaping the electric utility industry as gas becomes the go-to fuel for base-load power, displacing other sources. Other factors, from expanded solar energy utilization to "smart grids," are also changing the traditional electric utility model, and the expansion of EnergyWire will bring all these elements together in one premier daily service, staffed with some of the best reporters in the business.

"EnergyWire will continue to be the leading source for unconventional energy coverage," said EnergyWire Editor Amy Carlile. "But with the addition of a half-dozen proven reporters, we'll now bring readers detailed insight on the factors transforming the electric utility industry."

New coverage areas for EnergyWire include grid security and stability, flat or declining power demand, new infrastructure requirements, the growth of distributed generation, net metering of electricity use, microgrids, the battle over renewable portfolio requirements, the retirement of existing base-load generation and much more.

Our ultimate goal is for this additional coverage to provide readers with unparalleled information about the rapid transformation of the energy sector.

EnergyWire is a huge success for E&E and our readers, and the expanded reporting will only build on that track record. Recent hires include:

  • Edward Klump. Based in Houston, Edward reported on energy issues for Bloomberg News over the last eight years and has established himself as one of the top observers of the energy business. Edward will remain in Houston, joining E&E’s existing bureau in that critical region.
  • David Ferris. David has written for The New York Times, Forbes, The Guardian and many other news organizations over the last 14 years. His focus is on trends in the energy business, particularly new technologies and alternative energy development. David will take a desk at our Capitol Hill main office but also keep a close eye on Silicon Valley – something he’s done for many years.
  • Kristi Swartz. Kristi joins E&E from The Atlanta Journal-Constitution, where she's covered the major energy developments in the Southeast. Among other things, Kristi has closely followed Southern Co.'s efforts to build the first new nuclear plant constructed in the past 30 years, along with the debate over renewable energy deployment issues in the region. Kristi, who will be opening our Atlanta bureau, has focused on energy policy and markets for 10 years.
  • Jeffrey Tomich. Jeff comes to E&E by way of the St. Louis Post-Dispatch and Bloomberg News. Over the preceding 15 years, Jeff has covered everything from the implosion of Enron to the impact of fossil fuel development in the Midwest. He had a particular focus on trends in the coal industry, and he will continue to cover these and other developments from E&E’s new bureau in St. Louis.
  • Rod Kuckro. Rod joined E&E in December after more than 20 years covering the natural gas and utility industry for Platts. Rod was the longtime editor-in-chief of Platts' electric power group and brings a vast and detailed understanding of everything related to the business and politics of electric power. Rod works from E&E’s Capitol Hill headquarters.
  • Mike Lee: Mike brings years of experience covering energy issues for Bloomberg News. Based in Dallas/Fort Worth, Mike will continue his outstanding coverage of developments in Texas and the central United States.


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