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What: An inside look at the White House crack down on leaks: required training for employees and what it is like to work as a career staffer in the Trump Administration.

Who: Robin Bravender | READ STORY >>>


What: The International Trade Commission ruled that the U.S. solar industry was harmed by cheap solar imports. Now comes the 'remedy' stage and the decision on tariffs. It all comes down to an unpredictable President Trump.

Who: David Ferris (Industry) | READ STORY >>>

Who: Zack Colman (White House) | READ STORY >>>


What: Does President Trump want to find a way to renegotiate the Paris Agreement to cut global emissions or will he stand firm on backing out of the deal? Meanwhile, U.S. states and cities have declared they will fill the void. What happened at the U.N. General Assembly's 72nd session.

Who: Jean Chemnick (New York) | READ STORY >>>


What: A draft of the report Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke sent to President Trump has finally been leaked in which he recommended rolling back the boundaries of a handful of national monuments. As expected critics have cried foul and they have found the flaw in Zinke's argument about the precedent for such action.

Who: Jennifer Yachnin | READ STORY >>>



What: It's a less-than-excellent time to be in the U.S. power business, with demand flat and natural gas suppressing the price of electrons. But a handful of Canadian companies have found in recent years that they see a growth opportunity their home country can't provide: regulated U.S. utilities.

Who: Saqib Rahim | READ STORY >>>


"Key Energy and Environment Lawsuits for Trump Agenda" | Reporters Amanda Reilly and Ellen M. Gilmer preview the Supreme Court's fall term and highlight key energy and environment lawsuits causing a nuisance for President Trump's agenda to rollback climate and other environmental regulations. Plus a look at Trump's judicial picks and their potential impact. WATCH NOW >>>

"E&E News Week in Climate” | E&E News reporters and editors share stories from on the ground: covering the U.N. General Assembly to whale hunting in Alaska to swimming with the sharks before climate was a beat. LISTEN NOW >>>