Interested in being a reporter for E&E?

E&E News is always looking for top editorial talent. If you are a superior reporter and writer -- and you want to cover one of the most interesting policy areas on Earth -- we'd love to hear from you. E&E is not looking for bloggers or advocates. We want serious journalists who are politically savvy, write compelling copy and can't stand being beaten when pursuing a story.

About us

E&E News publishes five daily news sites. With a combined staff of more than 70 reporters and editors, Greenwire, Energywire, Climatewire, E&E Daily and E&E News PM provide essential news for energy and environment professionals.

Individuals seeking employment at E&E News are considered without regard to race, color, religion, national origin, age, sex, marital status, ancestry, physical or mental disability, veteran status, gender identity or sexual orientation.


EPA Editor

Wanted: An editor with juggling skills.

This position is one of the best in the newsroom. It requires managing a team of smart, driven reporters who are all over the ins and outs of regulatory politics and policies. The editor coordinates coverage, sees the big picture and helps reporters develop trend pieces and forward-looking stories.

You’ll edit copy on deadline, work with reporters on big stories and drum up stories that will fit into different publications. There's time for writing and reporting on the side -- that can be about EPA or anything else.

To apply, email your cover letter, resume and three clips to


EPA Reporter

We're hiring an EPA reporter who can stay on top of the Trump administration's efforts to repeal climate regulations. That means digging into a secretive agency and coming back with scoops. The right candidate is a relentless newshound who can develop contacts with career staff and political appointees.

The beat will produce a mix of fast-paced daily news stories and smart analysis pieces, sometimes about bureaucratic complexities like co-benefits and the social cost of carbon. These affect real people and it’s your job to make it compelling. This is an important posting in our newsroom and it offers an opportunity to write about political brinksmanship in the administrator’s suite, resistant staffers, and cornerstone environmental safeguards.

The reporter will find out who’s influencing climate policies at EPA, in the White House and elsewhere in the administration. That means navigating conservative think tanks, lobbying groups and industry. It also means developing sources on the left to determine how Democrats will counter the administration. The reporter will write for Climatewire and other publications.

To apply, email your cover letter, resume and three clips to


Editorial Fellow

Are you ready to cut your teeth as a Washington, D.C., political reporter, covering some of the hottest issues to face the Trump administration? E&E News is looking for reporting fellows. We dive deep on energy and environmental issues, covering the ins and outs of politics, science, policy and business.

Our fellows spend the bulk of their time reporting and writing. We'll send you to Capitol Hill to talk to lawmakers. You'll have access to senior federal agency officials and top leaders in the field. You'll write news stories from day one.

We're looking for enterprising reporters with an interest in our issues. These fellowships are ideal for reporters with a year or two of experience or outstanding recent graduates. Our office is located steps from the Capitol in Washington. And we pay!

To apply, send a cover letter, resume and your three best clips to


Photo Fellow

We need photojournalist who can take creative, eye-grabbing shots of routine Washington events -- hearings, press conferences and demonstrations -- and efficiently handle photo editing on deadline. This is a D.C.-based, six-month paid internship.

You'll be shooting on and around Capitol Hill and at federal agencies most of the time, but there may be opportunities for feature photography and travel. There's also desk work as you help prepare photos for publication and build out our photo library. You'll also help our graphics editor with photos for illustrations and assist our video editor.

Prior experience at a news organization isn't required, but it helps. We're looking for someone who can step in and get right to work with a creative eye, solid organizational skills and the ability to stay cool on tight deadlines. You must have your own camera equipment and know how to handle Adobe creative programs.

To apply, send your cover letter, resume and portfolio to


Account Coordinator

General Job Description: The Account Coordinator is responsible for the day to day maintenance of accounts with consideration to the long-term goals for growth and success in those accounts. E&E News is seeking someone who can balance and maintain a constant influx of work while developing an understanding of our products, business, and strategy.

A large part of the position will involve daily customer interaction, via phone and email, to educate clients about the benefits of our services and convey the extent of our presence, strengths, and coverage in the market. Tasks will range from administrative support to maximizing opportunities within our book of business.

A successful candidate will have strong time management, multi-tasking, and analytical skills with an ability to balance incoming work with appropriate follow up efforts. It is important that he or she is comfortable communicating by phone or email and can foster relationships with clients and fellow team members. A positive attitude and respect for co-workers is a must, as is an understanding of E&E’s products and business strategy.


  • Handle the administrative functions of an account: Access requests, add and migrate contacts, update user lists; Check for missing information (company intelligence, key notes, website information); Track users who have left an organization and obtain replacements for key positions; Create invoices, send receipts, follow up on outstanding payments
  • Be engaged enough to look for potential pitfalls in an account: Contacts who are no longer with an organization; Low readership on a subscription or trial; Organize and update trial and email service as appropriate
  • Be savvy enough to identify possible opportunities in an account: Notify the sales agent about an upcoming renewal or recent expiration of a subscription; Upsell potential for publications outside of a current license; Recognize opportunities to further the goals for an account
  • Support Account Executives and Account Managers as needed

A bachelor’s degree is desired, although not required. The job will be based in our D.C. office. Salary is commensurate with experience and includes comprehensive benefits.

To apply, send a cover letter and resume to Julian Sharat at


Business Development Specialist

General Job Description: the Business Development Specialist is responsible for identifying and preparing targets for new business generation. The job will require cultivating an understanding of the broader market and creatively developing sources and systems that deliver quality sales opportunities on an on-going basis.

A critical part of the job is researching, inputting, updating and tracking new/potential contacts and organizations in a database so it is easy to search and analyze. This includes gathering information about potential targets from social media and other platforms.

The position will also establish and maintain partnerships with industry event coordinators and other third parties as part of E&E’s marketing efforts.

A successful candidate will have strong time management, multi-tasking and analytical skills with an independent drive and initiative to follow research leads. It is important that he or she is comfortable communicating by phone or email and can foster relationships with clients and fellow team members. A positive attitude and respect for co-workers is a must, as is an understanding of E&E’s products and business strategy.


  • Identify opportunities to strengthen relationships with new and existing clients: Notify the proper sales agent when usage or other indicators point toward potential sale and support sales team members as appropriate; Utilize electronic resources (Leadership Directories, Legistorm, et al) to add supplemental information into sales database
  • Communicate appropriately, professionally, and effectively: Use crafted and vetted stationary and language provided by Sales Team; Call to educate clients on our website, benefits of each service, and strength in the market
  • Identify and establish potential media partnerships: Coordinate and negotiate for sponsorships and advertising for E&E’s continued brand growth; Potentially be on-site as a brand representative during events
  • Understanding of corporate structures/federal agencies a plus
  • Experience in drafting marketing/promotional materials a plus
  • Experience in social media for business use a plus

A bachelor’s degree is desired, although not required. The job will be based in our D.C. office. Salary is commensurate with experience and includes comprehensive benefits.

To apply, send a cover letter and resume to Julian Sharat at


Full Stack Web Developer

We’re looking for a talented full stack web developer to join the Engineering/UX team at E&E News, ideally someone who can work up and down the software stack from underlying Ruby models up to React components and even over to tweaks to CSS rules.

We build the tools E&E relies upon: custom CMS and CRM systems, APIs that power them, and our public website read by key stakeholders and decision-makers of energy, environmental, and climate policy. Our subscribers work in Congress and federal agencies, the White House, top law and lobbying firms, major corporations, environmental groups, think tanks, and universities. Every feature we develop and release has an immediate impact on E&E’s bottom-line.

Skills & requirements

  • Excellent written and oral communication skills.
  • A passion and good eye for visually appealing and intuitive user experiences.
  • Well-versed in both JavaScript and HTML5/CSS3 fundamentals and basic programming concepts.
  • 0-3 years experience working as a full stack web developer, back-end or front-end.
  • We are happy to consider bootcamp graduates.

Coding experience

  • Experience with one or more dynamic JavaScript application frameworks (React, Backbone, Angular) and CSS pre-processors (Sass, Less).
  • Familiarity with JavaScript utilities like Grunt, Gulp, NPM, and Webpack.
  • A firm understanding of responsive design and semantic HTML.
  • Knowledge of Git or other version control systems.
  • Experience with Ruby is preferred.
  • Experience with REST APIs is a plus.
  • Willing and able to learn new technologies to create the best available solution.

About Engineering/UX at E&E

  • On the back end, we’re primarily a Ruby on Rails shop, with modern APIs and legacy monolithic applications.
  • On the front end, we use React and Backbone, write some JavaScript in CoffeeScript, and make our CSS happier with Sass.
  • We write our own Node packages and Ruby gems when it makes sense, and we automate whatever we can, from basic deployment tasks to full data center configurations.
  • We write tests.
  • Each engineer has the opportunity to participate up and down the software stack and to carve out a niche based on individual strengths and team needs.
  • We get to have a hand in nearly every aspect of E&E’s core business operations.
  • We do code and design reviews and project postmortems.
  • Professional development opportunities include conferences and training. Since 2016, we have attended RubyConf together as a team each year.
  • We work a 9-to-5 schedule, encourage a family-friendly work/life balance, and are committed to fostering a diverse and inclusive environment.
  • For the Engineering/UX team, 5 employees onsite, 1 remote.

To apply, send a cover letter, resume, and GitHub profile or website url to Christopher Louvet at