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Entergy opposes EPA in global warming litigation

Entergy Corp. has broken ranks from the electric utility industry in a global warming lawsuit that is trying to force first-ever greenhouse gas restrictions on newly built U.S. power plants and industrial boilers. The Jackson, Miss.-based power company filed a motion last month in federal appeals court requesting a seat at the table on behalf of a coalition of states, cities and environmentalists suing U.S. EPA.


Global warming amplifies Western forest fire seasons -- study

Global warming, not poor forest management, is responsible for accelerating catastrophic Western forest fires over the past 35 years, a new federally funded report states. Climate models show that warmer springs and summers will likely continue to intensify, further increasing large wildfires and making forest management techniques such as thinning and fire suppression ineffective, according to the report by scientists at the Scripps Institution of Oceanography and the University of Arizona, to be published later today in the journal Sciencexpress.

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