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New hires for cybersecurity, fossil fuel reporting

E&E News is pleased to announce that Christian Vasquez has joined its editorial team to report on cybersecurity for Energywire.

Christian will cover cybersecurity news in the energy sector including threats to the nation’s power grid and oil and gas industry, as well as contribute to E&E News’ weekly Cybersecurity Update newsletter. He previously worked at Politico as a cybersecurity intern and web producer. He has also worked at The Prospector in El Paso, Texas, and is a member of the National Association of Hispanic Journalists.

Other recent hires are also making key contributions to E&E News' coverage of energy and environment issues.

E&E News hired Carlos Anchondo to cover oil, gas and fossil fuel issues, also for Energywire. He was mostly recently a fellow with the publication and previously worked for the Texas Tribune as a water and environment fellow.

Francis Chung joined the E&E News team as its first on-staff photographer, following a successful fellowship where his photos helped elevate reporting on key news stories.

There have also been several recent beat changes of note.

Kelsey Brugger moved to Greenwire and E&E Daily to cover federal regulations after Niina Farah switched to Energywire to cover legal issues in the energy sector.

At Climatewire, Mark Matthews has taken on the role of deputy editor, with Adam Aton taking over Mark’s previous role as climate politics reporter.

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