Electric Road Trip

Video blog, week 6: The Northwest

Week 6 of the Electric Road Trip tackled the open road between Billings, Mont., and Seattle. E&E News reporter Peter Behr and his wife, Marty Behr, watched their battery range rise and fall as they crossed mountain passes. They connected with startup companies trying to solve infrastructure challenges that could slow the adoption of electric vehicles in a place like Montana, where people might drive 60 miles to buy groceries.

That landed the Behrs at the Pacific Northwest National Laboratory in Washington state, where scientists are working on the next generation of EV batteries. As Pete noted, "The EV seeds are being planted in many, many ways and in many places, even in the rugged Rockies."

Next week, look for reporting from David Ferris as he travels from Seattle to San Francisco, the fast-paced innovation hub that's giving Detroit a run for its money.

Electric Road Trip

E&E News reporters take a 6,000-mile road trip in an electric vehicle to explore how the switch from gas to electric transportation will change the economy, environment and daily life of America.
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