Electric Road Trip

Two months, a lot of EV reporting

The Electric Road Trip team is digesting two months of in-depth national reporting on the electric vehicle and mobility in America. Stay tuned for our final analysis in the Nov. 13 edition of the newsletter.

In the meantime, please return to the blog for the full story of our cross-country journey. And visit our Facebook page to continue the dialogue.

— Joel Kirkland, E&E News enterprise editor


Regulators are investigating battery safety and software management issues in Tesla's Model S and Model X cars after a series of fires led to claims that Tesla mishandled the dangerous defect. E&E News

Critics of Toyota have turned their attention to the car company's latest public relations campaign, accusing it of overhyping its record of fuel efficiency and emissions reductions. E&E News

Engineers say a new battery design could make it possible for electric vehicle drivers to get up to 300 miles on a 10-minute charge. E&E News

With an impeachment trial looming, members of Congress and interest groups are stepping up pressure to pass an extension of the federal EV tax credit. E&E News

Electric Road Trip

E&E News reporters take a 6,000-mile road trip in an electric vehicle to explore how the switch from gas to electric transportation will change the economy, environment and daily life of America.
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